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women's stages of life

mom...wife...woman... girl...child

Gnome3by Annette Lee09 Jul 2013

the stages of this life

cannot be separated

they are bound to one another

by scar tissue

ugly malformed worms of flesh

that wrap and glue one

to the other


like rice paper, fragile

and transparent

you can see all the way


like a clear koi pond

look all the way back to the girl

do you see her?

she is so naïve

her round and chubby freckled face

her absolutely trusting green eyes accepting everything

she is told.

don’t you wish we could warn her?

it is all i can do to keep from screaming

at the sight of her.

run away, little girl

the next stage will hurt so much more

the heart breaks multiple times

and it never gets repaired.

i stand here and i know.

i have been carrying the pieces

for decades

hoping that someday, when we reached

this desolate wind-whipped edge of the world

we could put the heart back together

you and i

will you believe me?

will you know me?

how i have disappointed you!

how i wish i had made the magic work!

look at her.

she still smiles.