wind with a capital W (rengo)

Gnome3by Annette Lee03 Nov 2013

the wind always blows
in Kansas. it whines and sighs,
growls, moans, shrieks, shudders.
winter’s wind is ice arrows
shooting through the tiniest
crack, thundering down
the wide streets of prairie towns,
rushing down alleys,
incessantly banging
the gate against the fence post,
whooshing round chimneys,
dragging tree branches against
the windows like claws.
come spring, there’s trees blooming soft
tender flowers. that beauty
sadly may only
last a week before the winds
rip the petals down
and sweep them to crowd against
walls and gather in corners.
summer stampedes spring
with smothering heat, baking
the walks, grass, flowers.
finally, autumn: color
explodes on oaks and maples,
walnut and pear trees.
mimosas melt, weeping gold.
sumac becomes red.
so beautiful . . . but you know
in Kansas the wind doth blow.