part two

Ee227f8cc99ecc57dff90e47ab86bdecby Pagan Hyde26 Feb 2015

The golden leaf and the green leaf 1-17-12
Which came first?
The golden leaf,
Or the green leaf.
Was it green?
Then gold?
Or gold
Then green?
One would think green.
In the cycle round it goes.
Green brown gold gone.
Or maybe
It goes
Gone gold brown green.

My little owlet 1-17-12
How bright and lovely you are
Little tufts of white feathers
Poking all about
Teeter on to the branch
Grip it with your golden talons
Tilt your head this way and that
Give a little hoot
And fall
Spread your wings and see what you do
Glide right on down
Down to the ground
Then hop skip and jump
Till the wind catches your wings
And flap back up
To the branch
Grab on and settle down
You’ve done it!!!!
You’ve flown!!!
Now, go back inside and laydown
Wait till mom and dad get home

Rain 12-11-11
Pounding on the ground
The ever fertile ground
Glistening on the leaves
The ever soft leaves
Landing on the bench
In the park
Sliding down the nose
Of the lonely girl walking
In the dark of night
You sound bigger than you are
In the light of day
You are like a crystal