Damask rose

20200104_114726by Abeer...Turi02 Feb 2020

I wanted my dad to be back with a rose
I didn’t ask for much
I was glad to see them both

Gathering next to the chimney, my dad spoke and spoke
He lost his fortune, he was almost lose his life
Because of what? Because of my damask rose
that he stole from the beast castle

It didn't stop like that
The beast wants my father to be back
I will go, I said, I insisted

It was nice and gentle, it was not that bad
But I miss my father, I said, I asked
It allowed me only one week
One week had passed, I forgot, I ran
The beast is not here, I looked, I called
Where are you? I screamed, I am here as we agreed
Laying between the damask roses,
Please do not die, I will marry you I said

A handsome prince I see, who is he ?
where is the beast? I asked
"It" was "he" but cursed
I fell in love, in love I fell