Old dream

20200104_114726by Abeer...Turi22 May 2020

Sitting in his office looking to his family picture and smiling. His heart is full of joy and satisfaction with all the things he has. Adam works as a secretary in a well-known company. His boss and mates like him and he is pleased with this job. He made a family; Four years ago, he married Sara and they got two kids Mary and Liam. Sara also works as a teacher so they can afford their needs. Every month, Sara takes her kids to visit her mom in Australia. These days, Adam stays home alone. He tried to call his friends to hang out but they all had engagements. He went to his room, opened the door, and found the closet door open and a box lays near. It seems that Sara was in a rush to take her needs and forgot to put it back. Adam opened this box and saw many old things. He found old posters, pieces of paper, and a diary that was familiar. He opened the diary and found his name on it. Adam took it and checked its pages. He read each page carefully and approached a page with the title "My dreams will come true". He hurried to bring a pen to mark the dreams he did. He arrived at the serious dream "I will be a famous actor". Reading this flipped his mind and thoughts. It flipped everything over. His head hurt him so he took the longest shower ever. He stayed unstable until Sara came back from her visit. At dinner, while they were eating, he asked Sara "What do you think about actors?" She answered "Actors are, are good, why?" He said, "If a person leaves his job to follow his dream in acting, what do you think about him?" She answered, "He is crazy to cut his living to follow an unexpected path". Adam added "But, how could a person live peacefully if he has no dream". Sara "Adam, be clear and say what you have". Adam replied, "Well, nothing, I am only bored". Adam was not frustrated, in contrast, he looked for auditions on the internet and he found four ads at different times. He noted down the four auditions in case he failed in the first he would go to the second. He trained hard on a scene, went to the four auditions, and failed in them all. He was disappointed and remembered the words of Sara. He rushed home to mark that dream as canceled, but when he looked at it, he could not do it. Adam lived in misery since and could not live his life like before. Sara forced him to talk because she was sick of his attitudes and status. He had nothing else than telling her about his dream. She thought about this for a week and replied to him that she will try to help him. They called an institution that teaches acting and signed Adam in. She worked in two jobs to afford the needed money. Adam had to work and go to learn after. They stayed like this, until, a director saw Adam acting and asked him to be in his film in a scene for five minutes. It was not that much but he and Sara were glad. He performed the scene and proceeded with learning waiting for another opportunity. Unexpectedly, Sara got sick because the two jobs were hard on her so she took a vacation from both. In advance, Adam had to quit learning and only work. That was not it; people bullied him, cursed, and made sarcastic videos about Adam's scene in the film. He went into depression and went to a psychologist. After she tries to help him, Sara ended the dream by saying "If you cannot handle it, don't fight".