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how do we fit in natures harmony?

Pathways to Light.

Water_witch-2by Abigael25 Aug 2019

Walk with the dreamers, the planners
the spirited, the doers and schemers,
knowers who wade through mists
of impossibility - they see up close
or in the distance, what others miss.

Though we can't name the tune,
one day we'll end discord and strife
to live in accord, being more musical;
we'll dance with earth, experience
the harmonics of our universe --

a hymn that hums, almost out of range.
Hidden to some, beauty is plain to those
who look with awe upon the miracles
vibration spreads on the curve of space.
On the altar of silence thought drops
off the edge of our world into unity

A kinship stirs within the life force'
like sunshine into flowers, nature flows
through us. A quantum leap that leads
modest or invisible talents into service.
Beyond the confines of the self, our centre
is one choir, and harmony is our song.