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Dedicated to all who suffer torture due to a lack of moral integrity and societies paranoia..

Guantanamo Detainee 239. His Future is OUR Future

Water_witch-2by Abigael31 Oct 2015

Lost to his family for 13 years
he was never charged ―we ask why ?
Sadly, torture was one of his fears
but Shaker survived it to honour

those British who lent him support.
He is innocent untill proven guilty
but he may take it to the high court
and claim compensation, hopefully

Yet he does not want to persecute
his abusers, what a forgiving character.
Who will probe the secrecy, prosecute
all those who tortured Mr Aamer?

Our politicians choose our enemies
they represent our countries paranoia.
How can they remedy Shaker's memories
or un-sanction an innocents torture?

Leaders who choose a course of action
can choose to learn from their mistakes
and stand firm on our moral intention.
Torture's what terrorists do―for cripe's sake

let's fight for Great Britain's future reality
it hinges on our countries moral integrity.