Spirit of the Sea.

Water_witch-2by Abigael01 Oct 2019

In Neptune's restless watery realm
currents snake, swift and strong
tides sculpt the land; green, blue
and turquoise lap along the shore.
Light paints a sea-change, morning's silver sparkle, to moonlit indigo night.
I breathe in the wet and briny air.
The wave's surge and splash is a
caress to calm and soothe my soul,
water sings softly to sway my mood
with whispers of wanton pleasure.
The sea holds memories and dreams
secreted in each drop of sea-spray.
I empty, allow the ocean to shell out
her gifts, as she drowns my sorrows,
and cradles me in her net of peace.
The ocean shines a light whence I came -
her salt swims along in my veins.