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We all have talents, unleash yours..

You're a Genius.

Water_witch-2by Abigael19 Nov 2019

Allow your mind to daydream,
dawdle, bum around for a while and suspend your judgment
as new ideas team and tumble, incubate all your options.

Pop a few new questions,

Is vulnerability a weakness;
or a great measure of courage?.”
Is it what you look at,
or what you see and imagine.? Did your inner child live on
in the grown-up you've become?

Let solitude refresh your soul, allow your passions to impel you
to the scary places, and engage.
Ask what can your mind bring
to silence and a blank page?

Focus your realm of attention, and harness your talents,
there is no cap on your vision Do your own thing, work on it,
hone it to make your own creative jewel!