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life is change


Water_witch-2by Abigael17 Oct 2013

Hate wants us to feel cocooned
in a twilight world where we know
neither sweet victory or defeat.
Shed the straight-jacket.
Inevitably the day will dawn

when to stay tight in the cocoon
is more painful than the hard battle
for freedom, though black and blue,
you can make it through, rest your wings
if you must - but don't quit. Teeter

on the edge debate with yourself -
who am I, to be so talented, brilliant,
georgeous, happy ? Rise at dawn, feel
your soul greet the skies as your wings
dry in the sun, look through a new lens

at the world, help others do likewise
as you flutter about every which way.
Pay no heed to the fearful who scorn.
Have you ever seen a statue erected
to a critic ? - They can't fly !