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Nature is an endless inspiration

Autumn Gold

Water_witch-2by Abigael17 Oct 2013

Gold leaf is draped over garden's bed
soon mud will turn the gold to brown.
The garden tools stacked in the shed
and dew lays soft as thistledown.

A robin sit's perched upon my spade
his sharp eye spies a big fat worm
where a tree's bare roots were laid,
in fertile soil, just trodden firm.

Red breast replete, he perches, rests
the tree stands bare on leafy soil;
a promise of many fruitful harvests
the apple store filled by nature's toil

Hear buzz of pollen seeking bumble bees
thinking summers warmth will never die
while Canada geese scribe honking V's
through autumn's altostratus sky

Fat lambs bleat loud from far green hill.
The vines purple fruit is plump and sweet.
As sunshine steals into winter's chill
the toads slip into white-dream sleep.