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The deep wonder of nature

Water Spirit

Water_witch-2by Abigael17 Oct 2013

She whips up waves, wrests them to fury
surfs on Atlantic crests, her voice

a siren's scream , a stream of liquid
consciousness, she's haem of spirit,

dilution of the planet’s sighs. Drown
in the whirlpools of her eyes to find

her vibrant soul. Life’s liquid trance,
dream droplet dance, hides in cotton

cumulonimbus, then dresses to kill
in rainbows and celestial moonbeams;

her diaphanous robe drips and clings
to full meandering hips. She licks

the salt from wet blue lips. Tosses back
hair that falls in rivulets. Lightning

flows from her fingertips – she strikes life.