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This was inspired by a discussion, well poet's are not exactly run of the mill and are often out there pushing the leading edge,
and they do run from being boxed in or herded

Are Poet's Weird ?

Water_witch-2by Abigael20 Oct 2013

Are poets weird ?
Or is it simply
a peculiar side effect
of being so awesome:
perhaps a bit bizarre,
infinitely mysterious,
indelibly incredible ?

Are poets weird ?
A woman morphs
soul-bare, to seer
toils to forge her vision
into future destiny
from the leading edge
of life's jungle.

Are poets weird ?
Being so inquistive
curious in the extreme
it's wild and freaky -
inevitably she marches
to a deviant drumbeat
accross uncharted land

Are poets weird ?
A poet may, or may not
rhyme, she word paints
in images. A poet's craft
may strike a sacred truth,
or lift a corner of the veil
on the supernatural.