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Life is moment to moment, I try to live each moment in it's fullness.

Sweeter than Wine

Water_witch-2by Abigael21 Oct 2013

When young, my lipstick
never stayed on for long
Yes, I always knew my lips
were put there to share
as a gift of some blissing
they were made for kissing

at the tender age of ten
my first innocent smooch,
was with an Italian boy
called Alistair. I was lost
in those princely dark eyes
with sweeping black lashes,

Osculation was inevitable.
I learned to blow distance
kisses, trawled some more
from beneath the mistletoe
and dreamed in anticipation
of beautiful, blissful kisses.

I started dating : canoodled
with a lot of toads, fended
off a few frightfull frogs,
avoided the lounge lizards.
None matched the prince
of my vivid imagination.

Some men were wet fish
slapped onto my lips, others
attacked like battering rams,
or like surgeons who perform
a tonsillectomy, they earned
my laughter and rebuke.
I met my future husband,
his skilled and ardent kisses
were summer sun on snow.
Tenderness warmed the core
of my being, our eager lips
architects nurturing love.

each kiss a building block
in our palace of intimacy
kisses warm and lingering
painted my tingly mouth
a full and rich ruby red.
I had no need for lipstick

Babies gifted me kisses
with no need attached.
My tender lips explored
ventured over the softest
skin, fragrant and warm
like the silkiest kitten fur.

I planted so many kisses
into tiny ticklish places
transformed their tired
tears into widening grins
their eager smiles stretched
to peals of helpless giggles.

Cashmere kisses tiptoed over
sleep laden eyelids, crooned
our babies to sleep. One day
a stranger thrust his lifeless
daughter into my arms. I sent
up a prayer, cleared her throat.

The kiss of life, and a prayer
was Gods gift, though touch
and go at first, our prayers
were answered. His daughter
took a breath and chose life.
Such is the power of a kiss.