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This poem was wrtitten to celebrate the mature woman.

A Woman of some Ripeness

Water_witch-2by Abigael19 Oct 2013

Her spirit gifts warmth
and serenity
her mood is thoughtful
focused and mellow

she risks vulnerability
and shares her talents
then wonders if she'll be forgiven

Soft curves wax voluptuous
a mature wine in full bloom
clarity in crystal
all sediment left behind
she breathes freely

An icon
in her own skin
she's a nectarine
at its peak
fresh juicy and fruity

Her wardrobe
is no hit or miss jumble
but a garden of earth
and leaf colours
to blend with autumn's
rusts and golds
her own style

A chequered history
guides present choices
she relishes
each new challenge
grabs the ripe moment
with both hands.

Her sixth-sense
divines the unexpected
she is well versed
and immersed
in life's epic poetry.