Moon Child.

Water_witch-2by Abigael19 Oct 2013

Child of a forbidden pairing, moon child
was born under a new moon,she lay on bearskin
while a zephyr sang of sighs to the daughter
of the moon.Wreathed in windsong nightingales

bequethed gifts of magical powers. Selene
mumbled a gabfest of spells, shmoozed her
to sleep with a lullaby. As dawn powdered
the sky rouge she was found in the forest

by the witch of the south wind who took her
as her own,taught moon child to heal with herbs
and potions. She grew lithe and slim with black
hair, almond eyes and the fairest skin. She knew

mother moon's mystery, understood water's ebb
and flow. What you divine, drink from within
or you will thirst. Moonchild held a snowflake
obsidian in her hand for peace and inner calm

an aid to recognizing human behavior; she gazed
long at the teardrop on the left eye of Horus ,
pondered man's history, a pageant of war over
years - and muttered for hours at the moon.