She who must be obeyed.

Water_witch-2by Abigael22 Oct 2013

Tempt her with a taste of the exotic
pamper her with intriguing perfume.

Show her fields of red poppies, caverns
where water runs in the bowels of earth.

Give her old bleached bones to fondle -
mysterious symbols to dream of till dawn.

Take her out into the violent storm ,
walk where tall poplars whisper secrets

Do not whine or expect her to stay close
for her imagination needs to wander

listen as she enquires, who am I adrift
in this unfathomable beauty called life.

Bit by bit she will transmute and expand
towards the ample bosom of the divine,

turn the alchemy of a crude base nature
into something that glistens like gold

As you woo your muse you will learn
that she is not one you can command.