A Poet's Garden

Water_witch-2by Abigael21 Oct 2013

Ideas grow and flourish as I walk
a wilderness garden; I plant new seeds
of inspiration and renewal and tread the dark
rich soil of fertile imagination. In moments
of paroxysmal madness, I return to source,

a temple gripped by roots of ancient
woodland; here I feel my way, intuition
expands, floods me in reddened waves.
I peer through vinaceous mists of dawn,
drink tomorrow’s sun, captured

in drops of morning dew that hang
on nature's tussie-mussie planting. I pick
a posy of words, on which each dew-drop
scintillates. I am a snake, the sun’s close
bosom friend, eyes of a predator.

I uncurl and writhe in hunger for new
language to digest, I slough off old skins
side-wind across a rainbow bridge that spans
uncharted land, here I transform,
in auditory form, become a wild exotic.