Crystal Clear Night.

Water_witch-2by Abigael22 Oct 2013

A sphere of plush black velvet,
the highest, widest, vault of heaven,
is soft and soothing to our eyes.
A deep, lush black pile,
in whose fabric infinity lies.

Still and silent dreamy night whose
crescent moon shines clear and bright,
to lighten the nights inky blackness.
The darkest part of diurnal cycle
is nothing - but absence of light.

Praise to Nox, daughter of Erebus,
in a beautiful black velvet gown.
Winged mysterious goddess of night
guides her chariot through space,
to spread... what is not there.

Followed by Khaos, mother of light,
she sprinkles just enough around
to chase away our fears and demons.
She throws diamonds into solar winds,
and our universe sparkles... diamante.