All at Sea. ( A Haibun )

Water_witch-2by Abigael22 Oct 2013

In full sail I brave the storm, tossed around in a fearsome battle, ego's sail flaps in gale force winds. I am forlorn, a victim who blames the wind,. If I'm honest, ( and ego has every reason to deny truth ) I feel resentful, hurt and guilty. My sail lies rent asunder.
I must get real, foolishly I rode out full sail into the tempest. If I call for help, a rescuer might become a victim. I take down the tattered canvas that I proudly displayed, turn my face into the wind and waves, my hand held steady on the tiller. I ride out the storm, hold my course, prow into the waves, I had denied truth and created enormous waves of drama.

cumulonimbus -
a seagull flies into
the sunset