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I first saw one of these sitting on the crown of our narrow lane, in broad daylight, it stopped the vehicle, we hear mostly tawny and little owls here.

Little Owl.

Water_witch-2by Abigael27 Oct 2013

Hunger rides dawn to dusk
as little owl seeks prey ;
the only owl who hunts
in the heat of the day.

A juicy worm and moths,
perhaps a snail or two;
a vole or a field mouse,
a short sighted shrew.

Fervid calls to his mate
a ringing kiew, kiew, kiew
when breeding his call
is hoo - ooo - hoo - ooo.

The female sits tight
on a clutch of white eggs,
untill they crack and burst.
Chicks emerge on wobbly legs.

The male feeds wide open
beaks, while she takes a rest.
Soon, in only twenty six days
owlets wing from the nest.