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Time is our invention and still a mystery.

Time and No Time.

Water_witch-2by Abigael01 Dec 2013

Could we all be eternal
or in time, does it end ?
It seems I always knew you
my true and loving friend.

At times the clock hands
move so inexorably slow
if I blink do silver sands
of time silence the show ?

Is our life sequential
did we meet once before ?
Is our essence essential
a fixed bullseye score ?

Does mind mark the hours
coloured briefly by emotion
to navigate life's showers.
Is time an elastic notion,

an illusive mental trip ?
Or perhaps a flowing stream
and drop by drop, each drip
is a delightful lucid dream.

Does time come together
and gather in synchronicity
guided forever to render
the moment intuitively.

In One, a complete moment
as dialogue is stilled in grace,
by a quantum entanglement
aware - in universal space.