Water_witch-2by Abigael27 Oct 2013

Our night time fears
are sinister scenarios,
an incubus that breeds
a morbid fascination
with dark forces.

The media-monkeys:
play with our fears,
feed our addictions,
fatten us with lies,
drown us in sorrows.

Polititical pariahs,
parade ghostly monsters
and pander to our fears,
promise us protection,
shepherd us into the fold.

Like sheep we bleat,
and ruminate, caught
in the glare of a boxy stare
we grab a quick takeaway
and switch on the TV.

We don't bat an eyelid
when bombs explode
sanitised on our screen
without the reek of fear,
or the vile sickly
stench of burnt flesh.

We watch more dramas
dispense fear and terror.
Strung out on grief
we turn keys, slide bolts
locked in a fortress
our need to feel safe.

A wavering cry
is our only complaint
and securely penned
in a debt laden economy
we seem content
to nurse our affluenza.