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I released three hornets from the house recently they did not sting me, seemed to know I mean no harm. However the spider did not fare so well.

Like David and Goliath

Water_witch-2by Abigael27 Oct 2013

I watched a tiny spider catch
a hornet in it's web, in surprise
thought, a spider will not match
the hornet's strength and size.

It buzzed and buzzed alarmingly
caught fast by one front leg
the spider very industriously
spun silk as a gossamer peg.

despite the hornets struggle
that silken thread held fast
till with feeble flap and wriggle
the trapped hornet died at last.

Next day I espied with sadness
that hornet, though now dead,
had killed it's foe while in distress
spider dangles from it's head.