Offshore Wind.

Water_witch-2by Abigael11 Nov 2013

Each dip in the waves hears my whisper,
heavy laden, I carry snow that will fall later.
The shingle is solidified by my icy touch.

Feet numb with cold, a woman meditates,
slowly, she calms. A child is crying inside
this woman who stands alone on the beach

I blow through each strand of her hair, enter
every pore, wrap myself gently around her. Slowly
she breathes in, warms to me like a lover,

I am one with the lone gull as it wheels
high above her, one with all; our eyes riveted
on the pulse of life as it circles the globe.

I invade every atom of her, feel heart's warmth
with each breath she takes. Together eyes plumb
new depths of colour in a strangely moody sea.

Life pulses across a blue steel girder, horizon
of a glassy ocean. I feel her soul's entanglement
as she melts imperceptibly into heartsease.