What's in a Name ?

Water_witch-2by Abigael16 Nov 2013

A narrow tarmac ribbon rises, dips,
curls through a russet carpet of leaves.
Deep ditches either side of the lane
it skirts stagnant pools of pondweed,
Isolated farms, shine beams of light.

Dark skeletal trees entwine gnarled
fingers that stretch heavenwards
to glimpses of a salmon coloured sky
that oozes out between smoke grey
cloud a blanket that warms the night
Here timid rabbits graze grass verges,
then panic and take fright, in the glare
of my cars headlight. Tawny owls hoo oo
and take flight accross the lane to vanish
and settle in a black crows wing of night.

Homeward bound, I ponder on the origin
of it's spooky name - "Starvecrow Lane"