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I see the creation of life as feminine, all the early ones were fertility godesses.

Green Goddess

Water_witch-2by Abigael28 Oct 2013

On the wild side, I'm beautiful,
no shapely play-thing, but I'm
proudly junoesque. Trace the rise
of fruitfull hills, my breasts
are mountains. Long clavicles
of coastline, stretches of peninsula
legs. My belly is the cerulean sea.

My face is framed luxuriant
in the fullness of healthy foliage,
fragrant with roses in bloom.
In safe haven wing into the blue
of one huge wide open eye. Draw
sacred breath in secret places, virgin
forest, where I gave life to fungi,

internet of vegetation. Goddess
of fertility, birth mother to all:
butterflies, birds, bats and other
winged creatures nest in my hair.
I live in you and you live in me.
At the top of this tree of life -
I am Gaia, I gift all you need.