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shakespeare wrote of winter discontent, winter can bring contentment too.

Now is the Winter of our Content.

Water_witch-2by Abigael30 Oct 2013

Time of grey skies and hibernation
quiet nights spent in contemplation ...
deep depressions and more low pressure
I seek in life each little treasure .

Goldfinch flit around dry seedheads
and brighten the dormant flower beds.
Cherry blossoms - in winter weather
and roses blooming in late december !

A bowl of ministroni steaming hot
full of veg and home-made in the pot
lots of tomato, the soup is deep red .
Grandaughters chat, as we break bread.

A snow moon is full , the stars are bright
I've someone to share this stunning sight
Blackbirds larder's a berry laden shrub
they land at dawn searching for grub .

In the dew of little things heart finds
it's morning and refreshed - it sings.