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loss comes gradually grief for what was as it slowly is taken over the years - until there is much less still to lose only a weird sort of relief - not for self but for the loved one.finally at peace.


Water_witch-2by Abigael09 Jan 2014


You forget how ...
I wash you, gently brush your hair

Dark tresses turned white at twenty
six, so it’s not new to me. White hair
was a fine frame round a young face.

I dress you snugly in warm clothes.

The war taught you thrift, you learned
to be frugal. I take you out and we spoil
you a bit - splash some money about.

I tempt you with a favourite cake.

help you revisit familiar places,
read letters sent by your young sister,
and frame great-grandchildrens faces.

I place fresh garden flowers on your table

if I can bring a little sunshine
to your life, it's my way to say thank you
for those idyllic childhood years.

Inhale as I light a rose-scented candle...

0nce roses bloomed in your cheeks,
older now the same face is parchment laid
over tired bones and you are frail.

I change your diaper and give medications.

A multi task Mum, once too active to sleep,
is content with nap's and bed at sundown ...
I check the night light, kiss you goodnight

you settle, then wake me often in the night!