Tap on the Window.

Water_witch-2by Abigael23 Nov 2013

My dream, your dream, our dream.
Why do we need lock and key?
Did you lock those dreams away, unseen
will your heart come out to play ?
Perhaps we could throw the door wide open
for things to happen in harmony.
Tap on the window of the unseen ...

Great things might occur with ease.

Dance with me, with him, with her
with babe in arms in rhythm swing,
enter the dance of everything.
I write and leave you space to free my verse
dance with curiosity she leads us to discovery.
Your question? It takes naught from me !
Tap on the window of the unseen ...

Dreams seek truth - in truth find love,

but love has no colour without a dream.
Move on towards life's mystery,
our entanglement could set us all free .
Tomorrow is ours if we believe,
embrace the beauty of all our dreams.
Tap on the window of the unseen ...