The Paedophile. ( warning adult content )

Water_witch-2by Abigael07 Nov 2013

Given identical blows,
glass shatters, steel
is unmoved. Plastic dents.
I'm plastic.
Father was the hammer.

I was only eight years old
when in a drunken rage
he shattered my world, his claw
end left wounds embedded
too deep to heal. Mother
hated me from birth -

after a shot-gun wedding.
Morning, noon and night,
she lashed me with her tongue;
her hands left deep purple
welts to demonstrate
how much I was despised.
When Father was drunk

and incapable, she played
with my manhood. Unwilling
I became her plastic doll.
There was no affection -
and no escape. She stirred
a seething cauldron of sex
and hate.

Oh God! She still holds
me in a steely grip. Anger
bubbles to the surface,
and I can't slam the lid down.
I wank and fantasize. Bitch!
I want to throttle her
fuck you. fuck-up mother.

Parked outside the infants
school, I watch her -
a delicate little butterfly,
I will net her, pin her wings.
She's plastic, her skin is fair
and she has red hair -

like mother's ...