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Oh - Where is Love ?

Water_witch-2by Abigael29 Oct 2013

Love is not found in giving
nor in the receiving
it's not in the need to breed
and it doesn't fit an emotional crutch,
love is no one's complement.

I won't write reams on love -
you will not see it
I will not give you a stream of words
that purport to be it.
Love gifts us with a blank page
a wide open book.

Love is not
an academic thing I can teach ,
or something to leach
from a guru.
It's something I strive to learn
an intuitive sense that knows
love is not out of reach.

Love is not something
after which my ego yearns .
Love hurts ,
it's something that burns .
Compassion ignites a flame
somewhere deep within
a tender heart and soul.

I will aim to see love
in the one who adds to my load.
In the puffed up toad
and the gossip down the road ,
in one who shows me my disgrace
or simply hates my face.

Let me be a lover
to life's many addictions :
to despair and the pain of distress,
the miserly banker,
to feed the hungry mind or mouth,
to the innocent and weary, close to death
a lover of our planet's ecological stress
and the goddam mess we create.

When Love appears
in a fine wardrobe to fit the drama
taking a part and playing the fool ,
a victim, cupid , or the devils dart,
this actor on the stage of life ;
where love struts resplendent
in all it's fancy dress ...

then I will do my very best ...
to simply be Love !