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I have great love, and respect for the sea, I grew up on an Island.

The Salt in our Veins.

Water_witch-2by Abigael05 Nov 2013

The sea brings hope, again
and again, it breaks on the rocks to touch
divided nations in unity

She buoys me up on high
as swell after swell moves in distillations
freighted with memory.

Her waves whisper sighs
that hush a troubled mind to the gentle
refrain of a lullaby.

Drop by drop each wave
plays a binaural symphony, and her rhythm
imposes a pace on life.

For each raindrop or cloud
and a roll of morning's mist, the open sea
forms one big nursery.

In each seafarers eyes
the rolling blue and green beyond a ships bow
births all their dreams.

Let me be like the sea ...
as skillful she sculpts our world and yet holds
huge reserves of strength.

The sea is not confined
like our universal mind, unshackled the ocean
owns no country, it roams free.