Alice Looks into a Mirror

Water_witch-2by Abigael04 Nov 2013

She sees a beautiful young woman
who's drawn to an absolute riot of colour,
she runs here and there until
changing patterns confuse and distress her,
she is lost in in a kaliedoscope
dizzy in an otherworld, and wonders,
what is her true nature ?

Closing her eyes
Alice walks purposely towards a shadowy
darkness, brushes away the cobwebs
from her expensive designer bag.
She pulls out a flask and takes two tablets
takes out a mirror, observes her true reflection
she shrinks - becomes a curious child again.

Resting she learns to find peace,
smiling, she finds joy everywhere,
while waiting a long time, patience sits with her
in yielding she finds her own gentleness
putting herslf in anothers place
she discovers love at last,
in the rise of her own internal radiant sun,
and faithful to her reflection -
for Alice , love proves constant.