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So important to keep our mind open, aware and free.

Fact or Fiction ?

Water_witch-2by Abigael15 Nov 2013

How important is the plain truth ?
Unvarnished and sometimes overipe
the naked juice. Even stark naked
truth is accepted when in our youth
I wonder if I'm too old, is pure truth
love in reality ? Am I easily seduced.

I can take it bare, unembellished.
I know that truth is lived day by day
and not taught. I can't lie to myself.
If one profound truth confounds another.
it's easy to imagine all the silly fools
will deny it, sitting on the known side.

Pure truth may be hard to vocalise.
Unarmed and unadorned we find it
buck naked hidden in our own heart.
But if we are honest and have humility,
the truth is but a fragment of the whole
world picture and nature has the Key.