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The sea has many moods.

Faces of the Sea

Water_witch-2by Abigael05 Nov 2013

She invites and entices, her frothy skirts
sweep in, then retreat. A temptress , her voice
is a whisper in pink sea shells.

Light reflects sand, green and grey,
a chameleon, she blends with rainbows, banks
of cloud and the colours of sky.

A partner to sunbeams,
she dances, waves her underskirts, dazzles,
twinkles, vies with the sun.

At night in Khol-black dress
she shimmers liquid silver, mirrors the glory
of a silver plate moon.

Her diurnal tides chisel
and scrape smooth, she sculpts the coastline
to natural perfection.

A tempestuous lover she caresses
earth , enters deep caverns, waves undulate.
gyrate, peak and subside.

Grey skies or blue she holds
our memories and dreams of tomorrow,
rocks the cradle of raindrops .