In Gratitude for "Bunty"

Water_witch-2by Abigael02 Nov 2013

This is the first year alone
and as mothers day approaches
you are no longer here to spoil,
and treat with special gifts

I do miss our togetherness
and the way we both anticipated
one anothers pain and stress,
or blessed and joyful moments

Always there to give support, one
of us often voiced what the other
was thinking. Our thought linked
by a hidden ubumbilical cord

we used it often as you grew older
when dementia stole your insight,
and a stroke robbed you of speech,
I could speak in "Bunty" language

Amid anemonies and fragrant roses,
and for all of those little things
money can't buy, in gratitude I bless
our memories, rest in peace Mum.