The White Goddess

Water_witch-2by Abigael20 Nov 2013

No man lifts her veil. The Queen of night
peeps shyly over the horizon, spills silver
on streams, sinuous rivers and seven seas.
She trancends time, lives in eternal now.

After dark details are lost in shadows:
foxes leave their den, badgers their set ,
moths, bats and owls frequent the night air,
cats prowl on the hunt, glare and reflect.

Luna light gifts thought with awareness
where truths are discovered on reflection,
union with her is recovery of primal self.
Moon fine tunes our feminine passion.

For appreciation of light marvel at twilight
bring soul to light in the peace of the night.
On deep saphire sea and lands of Goth blue
Earth in Luna's robe is sequinned in starlight.