Little Women.

Water_witch-2by Abigael10 Nov 2013

Boys are still boys long after
they reach the age of manhood,
often indulged, like children -
first by mother, then a wife.
Their childhood lasts longer,
they mature later in life, boys
toys - just get more expensive.

But I want to know where
each little girls childhood went ?
When does she discover who
or what she wishes to invent ?
Why hasten her gradual ascent
to premature womanhood ?

Who mourns loss of childhood ,
why the denial of her girlhood ?
A Thai girl at fifteen is not
a woman - she is a child. Think
otherwise and it's racial sexism
a mote in the blind man's eye.

The media and fashion dictate,
all girls should be airbrushed,
as slim beauties, appear sexy -
way before they enter puberty.
I wore ankle socks at fourteen
but - I knew exactly who I was
and where my life was going.

A girl needs a safe space
somewhere to experiment
a place to play and learn to be.
My heart bleeds ... when I see
young girls prematurely a work
of media fiction -" little women. "