Deep Snow. ( haibun )

Water_witch-2by Abigael12 Nov 2013

Our garden is a pocket of discovery, not only in summer, but in winter too. I was admiring the results of heavy snowfall from our decking, this gift from the sky made everywhere look
so pure and clean. Overhead grey cloud opened up to reveal a patch of blue sky and the snow held a gentle sparkle in the weak sunlight. Suddenly parachuting past me and afloat on the wind... a dandelion seed! I was surprised as I thought any seed would be under deep snow - the snow came over the top of my wellington boots today! I thought it poignant, a seed, the hush of the snow a tiny traveller floating along, white on white. I was amazed and pleased that I hadn't missed it. There was a purity about the seed too...a little white parachute with a tenuous hold on a capsule with infinite potential for life; I reflected that we are all seed, generation after generation, our lives are sustained by seed. I felt a sense of unity, it was a moment that felt like a love letter from creation itself.

wintry day -
the teazles wear
white busbies