Shortlived Shrews.

Water_witch-2by Abigael12 Nov 2013

A crescent moon shines a milky light,
a mysterious dance on the face of night.
More eloquent as twilight fades away
tall fingers of poplar whisper and sway,

Common shrew dark and pale brown,whitish,
dense velvety fur, bright eyes that are smallish
long pointy nose hides red teeth in pink gum.
Tails held caravan style, shrew babies trail Mum

Shrew, leaves an often borrowed house
hidden under shrubs, seeks earwig and louse
an insect feast, for they eat their own weight.
Hears tawny owls hooo-oo-to-woo, it's a late

call, her distant reply pierces the gloom.
A night like this, our shrew will meet its doom
matched by owls' superb vision and silent flight
she'll be a feast for tawny owl one fateful night.