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In the dark, sounds predominate.

The hive of night.

Water_witch-2by Abigael24 Aug 2019

Sunset fires earth's cheek, a blush
less permanent than rose madder

giving way to deeper shades of grey
awakens tawny owl's play with prey.

Inky blackness drowns all in it’s path,
unlit, my eye becomes ornamental.

Tall poplars filter night's secrets,
through shadow play whispers.

Each note's distinct: the bark of fox,
a whirr of owls wings on the breeze,

lady Tawny's sharp kewitt, kewitt,
answers his softer hoo too wooo .

Drifts, swirls, and eddies, the damp
aroma of leaf-mould with almond.

A buzz from the Hawthorne betrays
the flight of moths, but the beauty

of form is no longer a visible norm
night enfolds me in her tranquility

Mind in silence surveys the stars,
like laser bees in the hive of night.