Given time ...

Water_witch-2by Abigael06 Jan 2014

Love's Long Shadow.

Twenty five years pass, a face
indelible, shadowed in the cellars
of my mind. The beard sports lichen,
youth lovingly carved in marble
of memory. Your eyes

a strange mix, seared
in life’s furnace; blue of grief
tempered by compassion for humanity.
Your daughter needed loving care
before she died. Sweet child,

precious as a part of you.
I walked away. Wondered often
whose arms held you fast as hopes
for her future slipped your grasp?
No blame. You haunt my sleep,

creep beneath my quilt, a dream
invader. Sweet scent of you inhaled,
our fusion - starbursts in unison.
Passion denied - caused pain
each step of the way.

A future time, another place - some
other face. When the gossamer of spirit
is reborn I will know that tender smile,
the warm and steadfast heart, I'll come
to you, as tenon to mortise.