A Picture Book of Sky.

Water_witch-2by Abigael24 Aug 2014

Staples of a Gainsborough Landscape

The wilderness of sky is a cavalcade of beauty
and it doesn't cost a penny to see the show.
Tilt your head, lie on your back to read the sky,
it's a picture book of sight-bite changes.
Rise early , sit, to watch dawn gild the scene.
Clouds take form : battleships on a sea of blue,
trunk raised a baby elephant floats by, a cat
asleep in the sky, a dragon rides on the wind .

Always absorbing sweet water from the sea
and constantly dissolving to new formations .
Images drift before your eyes , pages unnoticed.
Nature paints ephemeral beauty, her skyscapes
in aqua, deep indigo and cerulean - sing of blue.
At night a dark angel enfolds earth in her wings
painting darker shades of purple and flame
in evening skies, sun dies in thunderous hues.

Days with dove greys softly suffused. Gaze
on atmospheric splendour in cathedral skies.
Watch ice crystals drop from cirrostratus,
burn in sun pillars that light up the heavens.
This dome changes in an instant with lightning
did you see that blue bolt strike from on high ?
Summer sun and cloud play on the surface ,
changing where capricious waters meet sky.

In weeks, the season's pages turn unnoticed.
on crystal nights I watch starlight shimmer,
light seeds, that birthed life through aeons,
my heart is fired in the firmaments embrace.
I imagine I could swallow the magic of night :
the moon trails her silvery clouds of glory ,
till the clouds part to reveal a golden rainbow
and the stars fly like bees in the hive of night.