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Jacobs sheep are a distinctive breed of sheep, unlike our local Romney Marsh breed of sheep that are a natural wool color, they have some dark brown wool usially on the face.

Jacob's Sheep

Water_witch-2by Abigael10 Jan 2014

A woodland patchwork enlivens the scene,up hill
and down dale green pasture rolls velveteen.
Fragrant hop bines and honeysuckle twine, bind

hedgerows that trail a bridal veil of cow parsley.
It decorates the narrow ribbon lane, that funnels
a flock of Jacob's sheep ; grown quite fat now,

though shorn of their fleece. Sheepdogs guide
the flock of dark woolly-heads to fresh pasture
the farmer gesticulates, and opens the gate

of heaven for the sheep. They are in for a treat,
a prize-winning ram with handsome curled horns
it will be his delight to tupp the sheep.The farmer

rubs his hands, imagines the profit from next
years spring lambs. A grin spreads over his face
as he waves, drive on - and rams the gate home!