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Recent science shows that our brain reacts to poetry on the same level as music, affecting the right hemisphere which set me to connecting it to one of our strongest emotions, love.


Water_witch-2by Abigael23 Nov 2013

A beautiful melody, the haunting
song of you in me scaling my mind,
strum your truth in me, your songs
send shivers up and down my spine.
Hearts unlocked , share your music
with my words, moments blissed ,
blessed with a tempo of tenderness.
A beauty that is yours alone displays
your pure tone of love. It's lyrical play
in sweet harmony, our secret melody,
changes our world. Sing me your sad
songs and together we will heal them.
Music is our solace, I will softly sigh
with you, we may shed a tear or two .
Sing me your glad songs, we will reveal
our rapture in the music of a dervish
dance, the whirl of love's sacred ritual,
a dance to the beat of our loving hearts
we almost die ... breathless, in ecstasy.