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It took ten years to find the right poem for these amazing and graceful creatures.

Manta Ray

Water_witch-2by Abigael29 Nov 2013

Deep in the womb of the sea manta ray -
are a graceful winged ballet, in their element.
I dive into the depths, of a restless ocean,
my mind, like manta ray, in synchronicity.
I enter to plumb inner Cimmerian waters
and navigate the deeps of oceanic thought.
Sometimes after a long gestation, I rise
into warmer shallow waters and give birth
to an idea, made fertile by close companions.
Germinated in mind, ideas birth in the light
where our younger Ones can reject or accept,
then run with it into their own deep waters.
Forging the currents, heart and mind balanced,
ancestral love sit's them upon our shoulders,
our offspring spiral on, to celebrate their senses,
perhaps confound our truths - it's an open story .

I seek
the horizon -
a wintry ocean.