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one of my more surreal poems.

Between worlds

Water_witch-2by Abigael05 Dec 2013

Two lively green eyes
appraise her reflection.
A pretty face is mirrored
in the brass clock dial.

Trapped in time, afloat
inside rainbow bubbles.
She waits for them to burst,
juggles new spheres blown

from her mind. She watches
people frolic in the lake
of fire. Light streams out
from behind locked doors,

but there are no walls.
Past one door a cinder path
leads to the distant hills.
The sky upon the horizon

is a blaze of white hot coals,
where clouds billow like smoke.
She sees many doors, no walls.
A blue flame burns bright

reflects on a mirrored door
it opens to a walnut davenport.
She pens a poem quick before
raindrops bleed the colours -

I'm thunder and lightning
a cumulonimbus of spirit
a trigger for Earth to Eden,
a neon positive luminosity.

One who is moved by poetry.
I'm star dust on the tarmac
road to destiny, souls map with
heart aflame, a mystic seer.

I'm your bolt from the blue
in a poet's hue. Like lemmings
we race towards the cliff edge ,
or do we wing it to a golden era ?

I wonder when I learned to fly ?