On Love.

Water_witch-2by Abigael07 Dec 2013

Love bears the harsh winter
as if it's spring or summer

It's youth and wisdom paired
quite frequently white haired

It's known to be infectious
though love is not a virus .

It won't look down on another
except maybe to lift a brother

Where true love rules supreme
there's no power on the scene

heart does not judge, it's grace
allows time for loving embrace

love grows a flower from seed
where hate suppresses weeds

Love is a game we could play
forever, no losers and no prey

Love seeks out the very best
in the heart of all the rest

Love tip toes softly around
all our dreams without sound

Love is a choice that we make
understanding is love, not hate

Love is our truth, in reality,
Love is the heart of our divinity.