A big Leap.

Water_witch-2by Abigael12 Dec 2013

She sits upon my shoulder, goads me to action,
I know I missed the boat called perfection,

but my errors are portals of discovery
and there are times when a little madness

sets me free to write. I close my eyes delve
into the secret and the mystical, my eyes

those of a child, wide with wonder conceive
a world of fantasy. If mystery be solved

and awe is lost to me then I am dead. I love
to write of nature, wonder at her changing face

my poems may not do mother nature justice,
though they are imperfect, each one newborn

is loved long before it exists, my joy simply
to begin. I love to write about the universal

ask what can I create for a creator who builds
forests from one acorn, holds stars and planets

in the wonder of the cosmos? Creation has my love
and my adoration dancing in the palm of her hand

she hands me ideas, slippery things, little scraps
I catch on paper lest they escape and elude me.

My curiosity peers into the future, there lies
my muse - she asks me to leap and a net appears.